Extra Curricular Programmes

BrightStart ChildCare & Education

JumpStart Physical Education Programme

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JumpStart delivers a burst of high energy activites to start each dedicated JumpStart session. The sessions are full of giggles and are very fun!

The programme aims to develop children's skills, confidence and self esteem. It balances this with praise, recognition and reward. The sessions are progressive ensuring that skills are developed each week through a variety of tasks. Your child will be encouraged and praised as success upon success builds confidence

The programme has been designed especially for children attending BrightStart ChildCare & Education (and is carried out by our own selected and internally trained staff). This programme is subject to an additional fee. Please contact the nursery for more information.

Selective School Preparation

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Our focused teaching sessions provide the perfect environment to promote additional learning at a pace suitable to your child.

We are building partnerships with selective schools to achieve the common goal of helping parents to prepare their children for entry exams. We are building partnerships with Seletive Schools to help parents prepare their children for entry exams for entry into Selective Primary Schools

Our staff will provide support for your child in the following areas: writing, forming letters correctly, understand context in images, phonics, segmenting and blending simple words with a view to early reading and writing. Children enrolled in the School Preparation programme will also recieve ongoing support for arithmatic, addition and subtraction, as well as other areas of their development.

Allow your child the brightest start

You can enquire directly from our website.

Enrol your child in our care

We are recruiting for the Summer Term and September 2022 intake.

We are happy to show you and your child around the nursery and answer any questions you may have.