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Autumn TermTuesday, 5 September 2023-Friday, 8 December 2023

Childcare for under three year olds

Children under two years old are among the most vulnerable children being looked after. They need extra care and support to provide for their needs. This is best achieved where registered persons have a good understanding of the needs of very young children. Staff working with babies and toddlers have suitable training and experience in caring for such young children. We offer continuity of care by suitable staffing arrangements and by consulting with parents about children’s individual routines. Staff time is planned so that they talk to, hold and play with babies and toddlers. Staff plan activities and organise play space and resources so that babies and toddlers are safe and have suitable toys and equipment to meet their needs.


youngsters in our care

Babies need to interact with older children in order to aid a smooth transition into the pre-school at the appropriate time. To help this transition, we will consider

Our caring and supportive staff team is led by a practitioner qualified Level 6. Our relaxed, stimulating and loving environment to helps each child feel secure. Babies and toddlers are encouraged to develop positive and meaningful relationships with their key persons giving a sense of security and trust. This extends to creating a close partnership with parents by reporting to them on a daily basis through an effective home/nursery link book system. This helps us to develop flexible routines to meet the needs of each child and parent. As babies and toddlers begin their learning journey, carers track each unique child’s progress by recording their interests and matching these to their individual stage of development.

BrightStart ChildCare & Education

Our chlidcare services

Autumn TermTuesday, 5 September 2023-Friday, 8 December 2023

Pre School

Childcare services are also available for children between 3 and 8 years of age


Our curriculum and how we structure learning for children in our care


All children in our care learn are measured against the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework .

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